This is an activity for 1st - 5th Grade using Halloween icons to practice using rhythms. Print out the last pages of the file to use as manipulatives so the students can pair up and compose chants using the icons.

This is an activity for Kinder and 1st grade to introduce using instruments. The song is from Spotlight on Music Kinder CD. It is in D minor. Set up the bars in d minor pentatonic and let the students explore making sounds. Also I help my Kinders find the Ds and As and play them while we sing and they do fine with this. Students love making music and enjoy the applause from the rest of the class!

This is a lesson teaching the pitches so-mi-la-re-do in the song Great Big House. The students will accompany themselves using instruments set in D pentatonic. For 3rd - 5th Grade. We also play the game with Great Big House.

This is a song my BEAT group performed on our Holiday Concert. It is using the song from Trans-Siberian Orchestra called "Wizards of Winter." It is a sticking rhythm routine that also incorporates jingle bells, glockenspiels and drums. The routine is on the first page and the second page is the form. First, teach the routine of each section and practice those without the music. Then teach (on the second page) the introduction and coda routines and put it all together.

This is an activity that I borrowed from Kriske/DeLelles and adapted for the SMARTboard. Use to teach or reinforce the half note.

This lesson is for all grades levels. It includes a game and suggestions for instruments. Use for phrases, beats, sounds on a beat for Kinder, So-Mi-La and Do music notation for First and Second, identifying absolute pitch names and notation on a staff for Third, Fourth and Fifth.

This is a listening map with composer information for Carnival of the Animals: The Aquarium. I use this with Bickle Bockle (see above) and the award winning book "Swimmy" by Leo Lionni. The students follow the listening map, learn about the composer and move to the music with scarves.

This is a listening map for the Surprise Symphony with information about the composer. For Kinder and First grade. Students pretend to be Prince Esterhazy listening to the concert and falling asleep.

This is a listening map for Grainger's Children's March with a little info about the composer. To reinforce dynamics. But it also includes a great "map" of the orchestra to help you teach instrument families.

This is a listening map for Kindergarten "Parade from Divertissiment" I use the MusicK-8 song "Forte Piano" Mootoob Video (available either on their website or on Youtube).

This is the BASICS of getting started with SMARTboard. Includes Resources.

This is how to create your own pages in SMARTBoard.

This is a lesson based on the Spotlight on Music 3rd Grade book about the Underground Railroad and African American Spirituals.

Teaching melody and rhythm 1-2 grade. Play the game to reinforce dynamics.
Teaching the song "Mi Cuerpo" for K-1